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02/24/2014 - BlackMaps 2.0.5 Has Been Released!

At BotnetWorks we specialize in creating great software. We're building not just business intelligence tools, but an entire platform that can be used to collect and share information amongst your applications. Our vision is one where we do not 'throw-away' search results, but cache and parse the information that is available. Each piece of intelligence is a potential key to unlocking the next piece.. and hopefully as strategies develop to empower the 'small guys' to harness similar powers before only available to the business elite.

The MoneyNode is at the core of our applications and instead of being hard-coded and more or less instantly-obsolete like most software in the data-mining/website scraping space -- is written completely in Javascript using NodeJS (harnessing Google's powerful and lightning fast V8 Javascript engine on the 'server side'). Instead of using it as a server, though, the MoneyNode purposes the V8 engine into something more useful to business end-users. It is used to create a powerful and highly configurable data-mining and scraping tool. If a website changes and by some stroke of bad luck we disappear, the most it'll cost you to get a new Regex Pattern or quick Javascript written is $5-10 on ODesk.

Our dream is much bigger, though, one where people build and share patterns and ideas. Purchase a copy of BlackMaps today to empower your business with the MoneyNode and start collecting intelligence you can use over and over again for the long-term. Then join us in the Subscriber's Only Forums that all BlackMaps customers get a lifetime membership to.

Feb 9, 2014
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